Our Direction

 Like the goddess Psykhe, at Inspire Psyche Terry, we had a mission, too: to become experts and masters of FIT: fashion, innovation, and technique, so that we could offer products that are fit to inspire modern-day women. We spent the last two years learning how to do just that. 


In addition to the inspiration we got from goddess Psykhe's story, we also attended runway shows and monitored upcoming styles and trends in the industry, so we could create a line that reflects timeless Greek regal and romantic elements while also making sure each piece is inclusive of current fashion trends. 


At Inspire Psyche Terry, we wanted to create products that fill a need and offer total function for everyday, modern women. We knew that in order to create innovative products, we needed to address everyday women’s needs, which meant we needed to actually hear from everyday women. So, we had personal conversations with over 40 individual women and asked them about the top issues they have with their lingerie and bras. We learned about everyday needs and concerns and crafted our products to ensure that they address these issues by offering innovation.


Finally, we took all of that information we gathered and sought out people who could teach us how to make our products do everything we, and other women, wanted them to. We worked with industry experts from some of the top, iconic intimate apparel brands to make sure our styles reflect high-quality fit and design that flatters all body types.


We offer sizes small-4x because everyone deserves to be inspired!