Top Holiday Gift Ideas For The Women-preneurs In Your Life: Part 1

Need inspiration on how to buy for the special and successful ladies in your life? Or, maybe you’re looking for ways to treat yourself this holiday season—whatever the reason, here’s some of our top picks for busy women on the go!

A Thought-Provoking Gift: We recommend giving her a book. Why? Even though she’ll most likely be taking a break from the office, her computer, or social media accounts (whatever her area of expertise is) for Christmas, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t need or want to stay sharp and do something that challenges her intellectually. This year, give a book that speaks specifically to her. Because sometimes a thought-provoking page-turner is all the inspiration she needs to refocus and be ready to come back with a new passion and excitement for what she loves to do after the holiday break! Check out some of the different book options based on her personal needs.


Inspiration Through Story: If she loves stories, fiction or real, a novel or memoir is the way to go. Bypass the cheesy romance or fantasy novel and go for something that speaks about relevant cultural or human issues or features strong and powerful female characters. You have tons of options here: go for something classic (think Jane Austen) that’s always relevant or mix it up with a fun, new memoir from successful and funny women like Anna Kendrick or Mindy Kaling (they both released new memoirs within the past year).

Inspiration Through Expert Advice: If she doesn’t get her inspiration through stories but is more interested in adding value to her life in a practical and real-world way, then well-researched advice or how-to books are probably for her. She doesn’t have to focus on extracting value from intricately woven stories—with this genre, it’s right at her fingertips. Wherever she’s at in life or her career, there’s a book that speaks to her specific situation. And what successful woman isn’t looking to constantly better herself? Our own CEO picked the book Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud, which speaks about creating healthy boundaries in both personal and professional relationships—a useful read for anyone!

Inspiration Through Audio: Books don’t necessarily have to mean reading. If she’s constantly on the go or has a tight travel schedule this holiday season, audiobooks are perfect for plane or car rides, everyday errands, or exercising. Plus, if you’re not sure which book would best suit her needs, buy her a subscription to an audiobook site like Audible and let her pick it out herself. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with this one.



Did you find these tips helpful? What’s on your Christmas wish list? Let us know in the comments!

Merry Christmas, and happy gifting!

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