New Year, New Confidence: Top Things to Know Before You Can Rock Your Lingerie With Confidence

The new year is here and so is our brand new lingerie, sleepwear, and bra collection. We’ve got tons of new looks, with new takes on classic styles. Part of our mission at Inspire Psyche Terry is to encourage and inspire women to live happier, healthier lives through our products. As you may already know, we had the incredible privilege to collaborate with The Curvy Fashionista founder and style blogger, Marie Denee. She’s modeled hundreds of styles from numerous different, huge retailers and reaches upwards of a million people through her style blogs and newsletters, but she had never modeled lingerie before. Ever. It was something she said she would never do because she didn’t feel comfortable or confident enough to do it in the past. She agreed to model for us, because she trusted our brand and believed that trying something new would boost her confidence, as well as other women’s confidence around the world. Read more about her revelatory experience modeling our lingerie here:

In hearing Marie’s story, we realized at Inspire Psyche Terry just how relevant and important our mission truly is, which is why we wanted to dig a little deeper into the issue and conversation of confidence associated with body image and lingerie. We want everyone to feel confident enough to rock our lingerie and try new looks, so you can be the queen of 2017. Here are some top tips and things we found during our research that we think every woman should know and consider when it comes to wearing lingerie and the self-confidence leap associated with that.

1. You’re Not Alone: As Marie’s story already demonstrates, you’re not alone when it comes to struggling with self-confidence or fear of trying new things. But if her testimonial wasn’t enough, we want to emphasize that even more by giving you some hard facts: according to research conducted by Daily, less than 20% of women feel confident enough to wear a thong. You may be able to rock a thong no problem, but there’s probably at least some piece of lingerie that you would never consider putting on because you feel like you’re not confident enough to pull it off. Whatever the piece, the issue here is that a huge number of women lack confidence. It’s not just you. It’s something that even famous, beautiful women struggle with, and the first step to overcoming is recognizing the issue.

2. You’re not the problem, your products are: Now that we’ve identified that there is, in fact, an issue associated with lingerie and women’s confidence, let’s move onto some reasons for that issue. According to a UK survey conducted by Simply Be, from a sample of 2,000 women ages 18-34, 55% of these women reported feeling more confident when they were wearing a perfectly fitting bra. However, the sad truth is that 80% of women are not wearing the right size bra: perhaps because they’ve not been properly educated by the brands they’re buying from, haven’t been sized properly, or aren’t receiving quality products from their brands, so they don’t know the difference. But, as the research suggests, this could be the one thing that’s making all the difference in the world in terms of confidence. How many women would be trying new bras and styles if they had ones that were truly fit for a goddess and were specifically designed to enhance their shape?

3. You’ve Gotta Go For it: Now that we’ve determined the issue, we can move onto taking action! The truth is, your old trusty bra might not actually be as faithful and supportive as you think it is: in fact, experts recommend throwing out your bras after just 8 months because they start to wear down and flatten out after that point. And your confidence follows suit as a result. What better time than the new year to start fresh with your lingerie drawer and try something new? Starting small can be a good step. You don’t have to go straight for the thong or a piece that isn’t you or doesn’t flatter your body type, but maybe start with something a little cheekier and work your way up, or try a fun new color instead of your staple black or nude. Everyone’s comfort zone is different, and you should determine what’s doable for you but is still bold enough to challenge you. At the end of the day, we make great products that will bring your confidence to the next level: you have to decide to take the leap. Take it from The Curvy Fashionista herself:


“Even before I saw my pictures, I felt sexy, confident, bold, silly, and playful. Add to the fact that the lingerie was comfortable and sensual? Listen! What a better way to start my new year, than with a campaign that literally threw me out of my comfort zone, into a new place of self-exploration and confidence.”


What New Look Will You Try This Year? Let us know in the comments.

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