How We Make Our Products Fit to Inspire: 3 Things to Know about Inspire Psyche Terry

In our previous post, we talked about how 80% of women were wearing the wrong size bra for them and how that can negatively affect their confidence. Well, it’s time to really talk about how our products respond to the issue of properly fitting and functioning products. As a new brand, we think it’s important to let you get to know us and learn about our mission here at Inspire Psyche Terry. It’s our mission to create products that offer function, fit, and fashion to women of all sizes and body types. We want you to know that we’re so much more than just pretty pieces (although they certainly are pretty), but we’re also putting the ‘FUN’ in function! Each piece we craft has specific features and ways that make it both uniquely beautiful and functional!

Here are the top 3 things we want you to know about our mission and how we accomplish it!

We Did Our Research

We might be a new brand, but we’re not new to the industry. At Inspire Psyche Terry, in order to fulfill our mission to become experts and masters of function, fit, and fashion, we buckled down, hit the streets, and spent the last two years learning how to do just that. We knew that in order to address everyday women’s needs, we needed to actually hear from everyday women. So, we had personal conversations with over 40 individual women and asked them about the top issues they have with their lingerie and bras. We had raw conversations about “unglamorous” and “non-sexy” things that most lingerie companies don’t want to talk about. We learned about their shoulder pain that’s caused by weak, uncomfortable straps, what parts of their body they feel comfortable showing off and what they want concealed. We learned about everyday needs and concerns and crafted our products to ensure that they address these issues by offering function. Then, we took all of that information we gathered and sought out people who could teach us how to make our products do everything we, and other women, wanted them to. We worked with industry experts from some of the top, iconic intimate apparel brands to make sure our styles reflect high-quality fit and design that flatters all body types. Finally, we took all that knowledge and paired that with Greek goddess Psyche's story, as well as scouted out runways and Fashion Week, to make sure our pieces embody timeless, Greek elements while also including current fashion trends. 

We Made Lingerie that Slims & Flatters

Most people when they think lingerie, they think about exposure. They think about every curve and every roll out on display. Think again! Our lingerie is actually designed to conceal, enhance, and slim! From our gowns to our thongs, every single seam and detail are specifically chosen to effortlessly elongate and slim the body, while our super-soft fabric is non-restrictive. We incorporate strategic double-wrapping techniques and tummy panels that conceal and smooth the midsection and thighs. We also keep you covered when it comes to your bust because nothing’s worse than feeling like you’re falling out or don’t have enough support. Our innovative designs feature either built-in bralette cups or bra cups that are constructed to be fully adjustable, extra supportive, and comfortable for all cup sizes.

We Made Bras that Aren’t Basic

We offer four classic bra styles, but we take them to the next level. Our Dot Mesh Power Plunge has no-spill cups, specially designed to frame your bust at its fullest parts, offering security and push up without the padding. We promise you won’t have to keep readjusting and pushing yourself back in—this bra does all the work to keep you secured; all you have to do is put it on!

Our Geo Lace Modern Multiway is guaranteed to be the best multiway you’ve ever worn, featuring cups that are crafted to be larger than a traditional multiway, so your breasts fully sit into them and stay in place no matter how you wear it. No more pulling up your strapless bra or having it slide down to your waist at the end of a long day. You’ll be the only one who’s going places in this thing!

Our Chantilly Lace Longline Multiway is our “million-dollar-bra,” featuring special wings that are made to keep the longline bodice anchored down all day long, so it won’t roll up. How annoying is it to constantly have to pull down the bottom of your bra? A band that gradually gets slimmer and perfect strap placement takes care of this issue!

Our Textured Animal Bold Balconette is the forgiving bra that is made from fabric that stretches and fluctuates with your body, so it fits and supports, regardless of cup size. According to SKIN Mag, the average woman changes bra sizes 6 different times in her lifetime. In addition, your cup size will fluctuate depending on the time of the month. This bra is here to forgive all of your sizing mistakes and support you no matter your current size. Bonus: it also has super cushy, memory foam-like straps that don’t chafe or dig in!

We hope after reading this that you get a sense of our passion for creating great, functional products for women and understand why we’re so passionate about making our lingerie and bras fit to inspire!


Which product speaks to your needs? What issues do we need to address? Let us know in the comments!

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