3 Things to Know About the Latest Lingerie Trend: Part 1

We recently partnered with Claire Sulmers, editor and creator of one of the leading online fashion magazines, Fashion Bomb Daily, and asked her to be our lingerie ambassador at this year’s New York Fashion Week. She attended, kept an eye on what was hot on the runway, and paid us a visit to report back to us on our findings and see how our products measured up to the latest trends. Here are some of her insights and the biggest take-aways we had from her visit!



The Top Lingerie Trends:

We mentioned in one of our previous posts that a potential trend seemed to be emerging on the runway: lingerie-inspired styles being worn outside the bedroom and incorporated into everyday outfits. We even showed you how to wear some of our lingerie pieces as everyday outfits (check out our blog posts on how to rewear your lingerie). Claire’s findings from New York’s Fashion Week showed us that this trend is even hotter than ever and isn’t going away any time soon! We were definitely on the right track. In fact, she said the fashion runway shows were “chocked full” of innerwear being worn as outerwear. Here’s her tip: “It’s not just for the bedroom anymore, ladies. You can wear it out to dinner if you want!” Check out her Instagram feed below for more insights!




 What do you think about these looks? Would you rock them?

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